About Ehstemai



  • Interfaith Minister, Universal Life Church
  • Dr. of Metaphysics, Universal Life Church
  • Witch Queen, Five Buckles
Priestess. Spellcaster. Psychic.

Internationally sought-after medium, spell caster, and clairvoyant diviner, Ehstemai began her spiritual journey as a young teenager. Naturally gifted with magick and the ability to connect with angels, spirit guides, and ancestors, she applied herself to the study of ancient traditions and ways to bring magick into the modern world.

Now a master diviner, recognized medium, and psychic reader, Ehstemai practices her spiritual gifts for a diverse group of in-person and internet clients. A happily married mother of five, Ehstemai has two decades of experience helping those around her on their spiritual paths.

Her reading style is honest and caring with a special focus on helping her client find their own personal power. Viewing herself as a guide for the future ahead, Ehstemai will help you connect with a map of your future and destiny. She offers psychic readings, channeling, spirit guide communication, spell work, and spiritual mentorship and education programs.


All psychic readers are not created equal. Some of us have years of experience reading for friends, family members, and clients, and some of us are new. Some of us are gifted, some are skillful, and some are both. When you need accurate insight into your past, present, and future, you need someone like Ehstemai.


Working for friends and family is a great starting point to honing your psychic abilities, but working for strangers (clients) is critical because it demands professionalism. Ehstemai is a compassionate reader, focused on helping you to solve your problems – not just telling you what your problems are.


Some psychic readers are only psychic readers, but Ehstemai is a priestess. She is an ordained minister with multiple ordinations and certifications. As an ordained minister, Ehstemai has the privilege of being able to provide pastoral counseling in a confidential setting.