About Ehstemai

Priestess. Spellcaster. Psychic.

For more than two decades, Ehstemai has been providing spiritual counsel and services to her friends, students, and clients. As High Priestess and Revered Elder, Ehstemai has taught hundreds of students and seekers the Way of Wisdom. Seekers have come to Ehstemai from 6 continents all over the globe to gain her insight and learn by her side.

Ehstemai was adopted as an infant by a normal family in a normal town in west Texas, but despite her very ordinary upbringing, she was destined for greatness. Within the very strands of her DNA, she bore the gift and the curse that has been passed down from mother to firstborn daughter for as far back as anyone can remember. Even without her mother to guide her, Ehstemai found her way onto the path of her grandmothers and has been following it since she was 12 years old.

In the early years, Ehstemai discovered her gift for meditation, clairvoyance, and prophecy. Through these gifts, she has mastered the art of divination, providing spiritual counsel and healing to all those in need.

In ancient times, Ehstemai’s grandmothers were sought by kings and peasants alike for their wisdom, their insight, and their gift. In modern times, Ehstemai serves all the people of Earth through the medium of the Internet. 

Whether you require her insight into your present situation or healing to move forward , Ehstemai has dedicated her life to helping others with her unique gifts and talents.

From Ehstemai

Dearest Seeker,

You found yourself here. Maybe you were simply curious. Maybe you need help. But however you got here, here you are. Do you think that perhaps you were drawn here? Led here by something more powerful than yourself? Or do you ascribe to random chance?

Chance is never truly random, after all. Fate always has her say, her bony hands in everything we mortals undertake, in every choice we ascribe to our own free will, in every chance encounter, in every step that we take along this path of self-discovery and learning that we call life. So I ask you again, why are you here?

And I shall tell you: You are here because you want the truth, because you need the answers, because you have a problem that needs solving. And you have found me, stumbled upon this one page in the vast informational network encircling the globe, because I am the one who can give you what you seek.

I stand in the footsteps of my grandmothers, on the shoulders of giants, to bring you countless generations of wisdom and experience to aid you along your way. Like the matriarchs before me, I, too, am dedicated to using my powers for the betterment of mankind.

You cannot do it alone. If you could, you wouldn’t be here, reading these words, feeling that chill run along your spine as your ears ring with the sure and certain knowledge that I speak truth. And I am a Priestess, born of a Priestess, trained by a Priestess, empowered by a Priestess, and dedicated to the service of others. Others like you.

Welcome to my virtual home. And welcome to a new and brighter tomorrow.